Audirvana recognizes one RPi3 running GMrender, but not others

I have multiple DietPi SBCs on the network which are identical hardware and software except for the output devices. The only one available via Audirvana+ DLNA/UPnP has a MamboBerry HAT installed, and works flawlessly. The others also have unique names & addresses but instead use 1) a USB DAC or 2) HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro HAT or 3) Allo DigiOne HAT. All are running GMrender; however, none are seen by Audirvana (except MamboBerry).

are you looking to use these SBCs with Roon or Audirvana?

I use all of them regularly with Roon in different locations/for different purposes. I would like to also have a device with SPDIF out (Allo preferred) available to Audirvana when I want to send MQA digitally into my legacy Meridian gear (instead of decoding to analog and then re-digitizing).

When Roon can give me at least the first unfold in software, I probably won’t bother with UPnP.