Auralic Aries and track count display

Just got an Aries and added it as a Roon endpoint. When I start playing an album through Roon, the display on the Aries always show track “1/1”. I can still skip with the remote, etc. It seems like it’s just not picking up the total track count (i.e., it should show “1/12”). It works fine through the Lightning DS app, but not through Roon.

Is this a known issue? Any suggestions?

cc @support

nothing to do about it: when Roon streams to it the Aries knows nothing about what will happen next
when I use my Aries in RoonReady mode I turn Aries’ display off :wink:

there’s though a bug I reported to Auralic more than once: when playing DSDs the display just shows “0/0 □ 0:00” almost all the time :rolling_eyes: but… see above :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, I wonder if there’s a way for Roon to send more info to the Aries though :confused: