Auralic Aries (Femto) crashing when upsampling to double DSD via Roon?

Depending on the quality of the source music file, my Aries crashes. It crashes hard - I have to shut it down completely and start it up again for it to be visible to Roon again. After the crash it just disappears from the zones…
This happens frequently when the source file is say 44.1/16 or the like, when I ask Roon to upsample to double DSD (my favourite format, sound best to my ears). Higher resolution files have much less issues - I only had 1 or two crashes, whereas with”lower res” files it happens always within some minutes, and is especially bad with Radio.

What happens here?

I have already tried 3 and 6 dB headroom, to no avail.
The processor of the iMac running Roon is never at 100%, maximum would be around 75% (it’s a 2012 dual core i5). Or could it be some kind of spike?

So I now have one the choice for “native”, unfortunately. Or? Would a more powerful MacMini help? Or is it something else?

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Gave up on the Femto and Auralic in general. Tried out a G1 but it too crashed with Roon and trying to upsample. Specifically, I was trying to upsample to DSD. Supposedly things work better with their Lightning software but I am not an iOS person. Bought a Roon Nucleus+ and life is sweet, no crashes.