Auralic Aries G1 & MQA Settings in Roon

Say - with the Aries G1 - which MQA setting do I use in Roon:

No MQA support
Decoder and Renderer
Decoder only
Renderer only

I stream to a McIntosh DAC with no MQA capabilities but capable to take care oft he needed sampling rate… Auralic Software is 5.5.2

Decoder and renderer. Auralic devices do their own version of MQA treatment so it is best to pass it the signal unmolested and let it do its thing.

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Ah - thanx - I had it set to no MQA support… this will only affect MQA material, right? Won’t have any effect on other formats as for SQ?

To be honest, my answer would have been ‘mo MQA support’. That’s how I run my Aries Mini. That way I get a correct MQA authentication and first unfold from Roon and any subsequent DAC can upsample to its own capabilities. You also have to specify in the Aries menu what you want it to do with MQA. Mine is just set to pass it through. If you’re passing it on digitally to a non MQA DAC then rendering cannot be done anyway.

… puh - now thats interesting… suggestion from official Roon for best settings would be great… any advice?

Hello @Christoph_Longree & @Henry_McLeod,

If the Auralic ARIES G1 is connected to a non-MQA DAC, the best setting would be “No MQA Capabilities”. The Auralic proprietary DSP features for MQA are only available when streaming from the Lightning DS application, they do not engage during Roon Ready playback. Roon implements the official MQA Core Decoder, therefore you will be receiving the unfolded 24/96 high resolution stream when playing to your Auralic ARIES G1 zone set to “No MQA Capabilities”.



Thanks for clarifying :+1:

Cheers John.

Hello John,
I have another question beyond MQA. My aries mini goes straight to an amplifier without any dac. Does the auralic internal dac has any effect on sound quality during Roon Ready playback?