Auralic Aries G2.1

Auralic has introduced the new Auralic G2.1.

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Interesting to read about the changes: even heavier/insulated chassis (it already is very heavy) with consequently slightly larger size. Different and better isolating feet. V. 7.0 (software will allow ripping via an external burner plugged into the G2.1). There is increased compatibility with USB cables (needed?) and external drives. There is no mention of sound quality difference. The price has increased by ~$450.

I would have liked to see a larger screen.

Manufacturer indicates that dealers may permit an upgrade (trade+ $?).

The price increase is almost what a paid for my Auralic Mini :crazy_face::joy: and I am very happy with my Mini.

Cheers John


The price difference may not not daunting; individual financial decision, but, again, I am having difficulty finding a statement that goes to audible difference. I see the improvements in compatibility, and I think that this is the reason for the “Point One” designation. They may have found that they were losing sales due to various limitations expressed by others. I have checked on the difference in upgrade price.

You are right, specifications aren’t enough, it’s all about what you hear. I think the more accurate clocks the better. We need some 3 parties for a listening session. However all new hardware from Auralic is an improvement. I am older so for me the Auralic Mini is Heaven on Earth.

Do you feel that Auralic needed to update their streamers? As far as the G2.1, they do not appear to be referring to audible differences as much as eliminating vibration. I went from using my NUC as a streamer to the Aries G2,

In fairness there’s not many other (if any) CEOs who’d say something like this. Fair play to Xuanqian, sometimes he can seem a bit abrupt but I think this is a language issue, but this is refreshingly honest and makes me feel somewhat better as an Auralic owner (although I do find the Aries/ Vega/ Leo/ Sirius approach a bit much).


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Yes, the “bluntness”, I believe, is a language factor. I was not aware that you could swap the chassis. The only advantage to doing that would be if vibration could be a factor in your sound. I was telling my wife that if they had listed it as “3.0” indicating a new device rather than a slight refinement, I would be tempted. I received a quote on 2.0 -> 2.1 trade. I do not use Lightning and would not be using the G2.1 with an internal drive. I put together an independent burning station (MacMini having only dBpoweramp with the Mac SuperDrive). The LG LED TV near the system serves as a monitor for ripping. Thank you for that input from the Auralic Community.

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They did had some compability issues with USB interface. So that might be one of the reasons for the update.

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“Interestingly” a dealer offered me the outstanding price of $2k difference between my Aries 2 and the 2.1.

There is a firmware update coming to the 2.0.

I am assuming that if there is a SQ difference, it would be in the v 3.0 if such a thing is in the making.

Seems like a hefty price of entry for what is essentially a Network Player. If ever there were diminishing returns Network Players/Streamers are a great example.

Pay $100’s for very good sound/performance/value from something like the Allo Digione albeit with little vendor support and minimal warranty or spend what is to me big $$ for Lumin/Auralic/DCS streamers. Wonder how many of these expensive streamers they sell per year. I’d guess not many.

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I do not know how well Auralic does as a manufacturer/seller. I suspect that he does well. It strikes me as similar to Denafrips with good sales and quality product. But there are certainly more cost effective options. They make a line of streamers at different price points. Cost may be important to many (most?).

I like the G2 we bought, and there is a price point at which I would have upgraded, but the price quoted exceeds what I would do.

I do like that Auralic is forthcoming that this is a new feature set but almost entirely consists of a compatibility repair. They (he) could have claimed that the difference between the units is clearly audible. He says quite the contrary and has recommended that current 2.0 owners not necessarily upgrade to this interim unit.

I understand what you are saying, and it is certainly more adventurous and satisfying to “roll your own.”

Well I’m happy with my G1 and it is an improvement on ther excellent Aries mini.

I had a firmware update stall and I decided not to reboot until I discussed it with my dealer.

I put my ultraRendu and LPS1 back into the system and was so relieved when the dealer said just reboot, it should be fine (and it was).

Now there are a couple of reasons why the Aries sounds better than the ultraRendu. It connects via SPDIF so no USB issues and works from a wireless connection, so no Ethernet associated noise.

Is it twice as good, of course not, but the improvement is worth the outlay for me in my system.

BUT I wouldn’t be here at all were it not for how good a Raspberry Pi sounded into my Hugo DAC a few years ago now., but don’t kid yourself that there is just a minor improvement moving up to an Aries.



That’s the beauty of this hobby one just needs to satisfy their particular goal and use case within their specific budget.

For me the Allo Digione (RoipeeeXL) feeding my active Dynaudio Focus XD’s via SPDIF BNC to BNC using RAAT and Spotify Connect is simply dandy and at a reasonable cost. World of music at my fingertips and the only equipment to make this happen in my media room are the Dynaudio speakers and the tiny Digione.

I’m a a very happy audio enthusiast with my current setup.

Indeed we are at a wonderful egalitarian stage in music playback where very good replay and access to a huge music library is relatively inexpensive.