Auralic Aries G2 power management in Roon

I have the Auralic Aries G2 and I would the option to have the Aries G2 Audio setting be controlled through Roon. As of now, if the G2 is in sleep mode, it is not shown as an available audio output source in Room. I then have to switch from the Roon app and then open their Lightning DS app, then go into settings, then go to power management and change from sleep to resume.

If I want to keep the G2 as an active audio output source in Roon, I’d have to keep it on all the time BUT I would then have to change the display setting so display wouldn’t stay on all time and potentially burn in the screen. But I want to see album info all the time WHEN I do use the G2.

I’d like it to be how all the other audio settings are available in the Roon so I can switch to any source I want. Would seem like a somewhat simple software/coding solution.

Shifting to Feature Request as it seems to be a new functionality request rather than an existing one not working.

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Same for the Vega G2. Probably all Auralic devices have the same API here.

That said, it’s probably on Auralic to fix this, not Roon. Their device is still somewhat awake when in power save move (e.g., it’s announcing itself via mDNS so their app (or web interface) can find it to wake it up). If they left RoonBridge running, they could make it wake itself up when music starts playing to it. And then go to sleep once no music has come in for say ten minutes. The biggest problem with this ideal, though, is it takes a good ten seconds for the Vega G2 to wake up, so you’d lose out on the first bit of whatever track you played and that would likely annoy users.

Either way, you might want to post this as a feature request over on the Auralic forums.

(I have a Vega G2. But I also use a Harmony remote to wake it and all the other components up when I am sitting down to listen. So having the Vega wake up automatically from Roon wouldn’t really do me any good, since without the other components (amp, etc), you won’t get any sound anyway.)

Thanks @cwichura
I also already. posted this request on future requests on the support section of the Auralic community site.
Yeah I Would just like to be able to control/play the Aries G2 through Roon remote without having to grab another remote (Logitech Harmony) or switch to another app (Lighting DS). It’s o e of the many reasons I prefer to use Roon… I can play different songs to different sources all with in Roon Remote. Hopefully Auralic can work on a solve.
Thanks again-