Auralic Polaris as EndPoint - my experience

It works flawless. I have Core on my iMac and in different room Polaris plays music (via WiFi) quite well (mhm, better spk ;-)). This Auralic is - in my opinion - one of the greatest roon’s endpoints on the market now. I played big audio files, like hi-res DXD and DSD, without any drops & lags etc. Tidal, local library, all content navigated via iPad or MB… I control my whole library and play music on this all-in-one device. Very compact & elegant solution! You have amp and streamer in one package with RoonReady option, short way for signal and ofc many possibilities for integration sources like gramophone/CD/deck (via analog interfaces) and TVboxes/DVD/gameconsoles (digital) etc. So all-in-one like I said, but the best thing is this Roon software compatibility. Auralic software (Lightning DS) works well but…

Very good information: wireless communication in this option is good alternative for cable (LAN infrastructure in your localisation). You now, sometimes only this way is possible in your environment. Polaris have very, very solid WiFi interface (in my location many things works online 24/7, many networks, many interferences)


I have a Naim SuperUniti which to get Roon to it I use a Rpi with dietpi.

The Polaris does look quite a product considering it is Roon Ready.

What did you use before?


A lot of things, now & past like Matrix X-Sabre Pro 2 as DAC, Oppo 105D as a all-in-one source, boxes form M2Tech, Squeezeboxes in multi, TAC-2 via thunderbolt and very nice Korg DS-DAC-100 + nanoPC (Roon Bridge in zone 2)

Also I used CoctailAudio X30… similar all-box to this Auralic but without integration with Roon…


Are you still happy with your Polaris. I am thinking of picking one up.

Someone is happy, not me. Fantastic piece of audio gear… btw

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