Auralic Vega G2 DAC vs Streamer connection

Thanks SIMPLY for your Feedback. But… I did not really understand if you say the NADAC sound better than the VEGA G2 or if it is reverse ? can you please explain.

sorry my English is not perfect. I wanted to say, I can only share my impression of the VEGA G2. maybe another DAC is better ?? Anyway, I’m very happy with VEGA

Hello Ratbert
I’m thinking about changing my current system (Proacd38 - McIntosh402 & C46 - Heed Abacus - ARIES G2) by simply Dutch & dutch 8C and Aries G2
What can you tell me?
Thank you

They are great I would buy them, but my opinion is only really valid for me, I would suggest you audition them yourself preferably at home and base your decision on what you think as that is all that matters.