Authorization problem, new today

Hi, everyone. All of a sudden, all my remote controls are putting up this authorization warning, and asking me to unauthorized my core. At this point, I can’t actually access my Roon service and listen to music. This is a ew one for me. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you!

Also, I can ‘back-arrow’ to the first screen where it shows my core. I see the core, press ‘connect’ and it then asks me for my login info. Once I log in is when I get the authorization message.

This happens on all my remotes.

You should be able to access your core again if you click on “Unauthorize”.

OK, I’ll try that - I thought that would somehow erase data.

OK, thanks BlackJack - that was easy. I have never seen this issue before. Do you know why this would have happened?

No it should not. But even if, that’s why you have a backup of your Core, don’t you?

It’s a quirk that got introduced with the 571 update.

But you’re using a Synology NAS – but i’ve also seen reports for other platforms too. I don’t know if Roon already knows the reason. The above notice about QNAP issues is all we got so far.

Thanks for the quick help! All seems well now.
Now, back to “Not Our First Goat Rodeo”!

This has been resolved via an update for QNAP/Asustor, please see:

If you are still seeing this issue after updating, please open a separate thread in #support, thanks!