Auto Audio DSP and Cabin Correction

Hi Adeeb,

veering off topic somewhat but did you know you can buy DSP EQ units for in car use? The Audison bit 10 is one such unit…

I had never really looked into it - thanks.

I’m not sure how easily a unit like this might fit into newer car systems and their control software, various channels, amps, and sub(s). The user manual seems to indicate that it is possible (but it seems convoluted to me – at least based on a quick glance).

It does not rely on actual microphone measurements to create a convolution filter, so I don’t think it would deliver the “whole system” (source, amp, speakers, room/car, position) compensation I would have ideally liked to have. Then I would love it if it can add individual filters for each speaker. I’m not criticizing the product you listed, just comparing to an “ideal” that likely doesn’t exist.

Thanks for sharing.

It gets installed using a laptop and microphone to measure the response - just like Dirac/REW or any other room compensation system.

Have a look here

at the BMW SYSTEM 2 “PLUS” AND BMW SYSTEM 3 “PLUS” upgrade. Plenty of installation pics there and on the rest of the site.

No connection with the company, just thinking about upgrading the system in my car, but don’t want to spend that much!

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Perhaps a moderator can split this all off into car DSP systems?. :slight_smile: