When you enable Roon metadata editing, be sure to add an auto-capitalise feature (capitalising the first letter of each word). Also an auto-numbering feature would also be very handy.

Ask @Ludwig about that first :wink:

I assume you mean something capitalising on request, rather than something which does it unbidden. That latter would be a terrible idea, both ugly and grammatically incorrect in most languages.

But including the sort of tools which are in Metadatics, for example, would be cool.

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Eh ? Plenty of albums where the song titles are all lower-case…or it’s simply not grammatically correct.
No thanks.

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Yes on request Ludwig. What metadata editor do you know that automatically does stuff for you without you asking? I don’t know Metadatics tools but that’s probably along the right lines.

Rolski: it’s an option, not mandatory or automatic so don’t worry.

I was thinking of Sooloos, which automically capitalises. I think @ncpl thought you were wanting that behaviour (which I have often criticised) back.

@rolski I know exactly what you mean…

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