Auto Restart for the ROCK?

Has anyone enabled autorestart for their NUC ROCK? If so, would you consider sharing the steps? I imagine it involves a bios setting, but I cannot log in via SSH and my linux skills are woefully lean.

If you would like to share any perceived risks of such a change, I’d be interested in that also.

Many thanks.

There is no SSH on the ROCK/Nucleus. Bios timers would be the only way. You would have to look there and will depend on your NUC and Bios version too perhaps.

If you mean, reboot on return of power, like from a power failure; you can, I think, set that up in BIOS under the power settings.

Even if ROCK allowed SSH, you can’t get to BIOS settings via SSH. You need to be present in front of the PC to enter the key combo to enter into the BIOS before bootup begins.

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