Auto switch to playing zone

Very often I pick up one of my roon remotes and find that the zone selected is not the one that’s actually playing music. I could start an album on my ipad and 5 minutes later decide to change a track and have my iphone in my pocket. Annoyingly the zone first needs to be switched from the last selected on the phone to the one playing now.
Could we please have an option that automatically selects the current playing zone as the active one on all remotes.

I don’t want this to be the default behaviour as I understand others might not want this but to have this optional would be very nice.

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Although I and my family use multiple zones, so it wouldn’t work for me, I can see the sense in this request if it were switchable.

Which zone would it go to if you are playing multiple zones at once?

Would this be a universal setting or a setting per remote?

Which screen would you want to go to on the zone? The queue or something else? Or just change the zone along the bar at the bottom?

Just the zone at the buttom and of course it should be an on off switch per remote

That sounds like the best way. What about profiles? We only use one here but how would it fit within profiles? Per profile and then per remote?

Oh profiles have such potential, different libraries within one “master” library for example but their current use is rather limited.

We use different bookmarks currently. For example my 8 year old daughter has her own ‘library’ that she accesses on her iPad. She’s a roon power user :slight_smile: the downside is I’ve got all sorts of children music in my library as well

Having the option to enable /disable zones per remote would be helpful as well. My daughter should not be able to change the volume on my living room headphone set for example… now she can (and does :confounded:!!!)

I know it’s not what you’re asking for, but can you make your headphone rig a private zone?

A private zone does not work. My living room headphone set is roonbridge on a rpi 3 - meridian explorer2 - AKG550.

I use a simular setup in the bedroom but with a denon da300 dac instead.

I control them via ipad, iphone or macbook pro…depending on what’s in arm’s reach.