Automate finding artist artwork

Ho folks, I have a lot of artist imagery missing. I appreciate I can add manually but the thought of hitting google to do that myself bores me.

I was thinking is there any software that finds artists based on your library and puts the image in the folder, much like media managers find album art work?

I know I would have to manually select it for upload but at least it would be in the folder of the artist rather than messing with google for hours.

Any such software exist?

Just thinking, do artists have a database they can submit approved images to?
If they do, do they know about it?

You might have some luck with one of the metadata tools for kodi - some like MediaElch support music metadata fetching - including artists / artist pictures. Usually those programs will save metadata along side of the files and also require a certain directory structure to work sufficiently. But checking it out never hurts.

Cover art finder

I have bliss since its inception have the unlimited fixes :slight_smile:

But it does not do artist artwork which was my question.

Which album folder would the software dump the artist image to?

I think the best solution is Roon doing the heavy lifting:

My thought is the artist image would go into the artist folder, my folders are laid out artist>album

MediaElch (linked above) would do this. Caveat: if Roon (allmusic) doesn’t have artwork chances are the music scrapers for kodi won’t do much better.

TOTALLY agree. Artist view is pretty useless for me as a result. I’d say we’d be better off having a most-recognizable album as the artist “avatar”.