Automated Roon display on/off using Android tablet

I recently set up automated on/off displays for Roon via Home Assistant/Node-red and wrote up a blog post for an Android tablet. I’m planning on further posts to describe a pi4 display, as well as using the tablet as a digital photo frame when not being used by Roon. I wanted to do a single blog post, but after getting into it, it made more sense to split them.

Forgive the crude appearance - I only just set up this blog after having sat on the domain for a long time. I’ll get around to improving it soon, but for now, I thought I’d share my approach.

Happy to answer any questions, or to learn of other approaches!

Thanks, Iain


Hi Iain,

I’m wondering how far you got with the RPi/Hyperpixel display? I’m doing the same thing, but just starting to dip my toe in the waters of Home Assistant, so it’ll be a good project to get started with.