Automated Soundiiz Integration


A few releases ago, Roon added support for exporting playlists in a format that meshes well with Soundiiz.

This is a great and useful feature, but the process is quite manual - playlists have to be exported individually and they must also be imported into Soundiiz individually and manually.

I would love to see a deeper integration with Soundiiz where playlists could be kept in sync automatically! It appears that all of the streaming services support this tighter level of integration with Soundiiz, and I would love to see it in Roon - especially a bi-directional integration, where playlist changes in Tidal (or another streaming service) are reflected in Roon.

I understand Roon’s bread and butter is Album listening, and I think that should remain the focus, but I do enjoy playlists from time to time and it gets frustrating trying to keep things in sync.

I want this so badly. Roon is my primary listening app when I am home but I (obviously) use other applications (i.e. Tidal or Spotify) when I’m in the car, work, etc. While listening to the HiFi at home I can access my Tidal playlists, of course, but when listening via Roon, when I “Add To Playlist” it adds the track to a Roon playlist.

Playlists on other services automatically sync via Soundiiz, and I know I can manually export Roon playlists and import into Soundiiz, but it’s really a PITA when you are regularly changing, adding, deleting Roon playlists and then have to remember to go export/import/sync etc, and things get wacky pretty easily.

Essentially you can see your Tidal playlists in Roon and thus Spotify/Apple Music/etc playlists can be automatically synced to Tidal with Soundiiz and thus appear in Roon. But anything I create in Roon is sequestered there unless I manually export/import and while this works ok for a new playlist, making changes often results in out of sync playlists in other services.

I would love to have real Soundiiz integration or the ability to edit Tidal playlists inside of Roon. Maybe a pipe dream but this is probably the only thing that comes up short in Roon.

Soundiiz (or similar) integration certainly gets a thumbs up from me as a stop gap and is far better than having no easy route to automated playlist syncing.

But for a (premium) music library management platform, this feels like functionality that should really exist within the Roon product/offering itself, at least as a basic level of functionality (*). How many extra monthly subscription do we all really want to be paying for.

(*) not suggesting Roon incorporate all of Soundiiz features and support such an exhaustive list of streaming platforms. But it feels like there’s a small and sensible subset that would fit nicely into Roon itself rather than needing to rely on a 3rd party platform.

+1 for soundiiz integration to make our daily life (roon-qobuz-apple music) easier…