Automatic Play of Highest Quality Version by Roon Radio

I am running latest version 1.7.(build 571) and was quite happy when first released. Really enjoyed that my highest quality music was played, as often I have 2-3 version of same album so visitors can compare a CD to say DSD64 (SACD Rip).
So when Roon Radio automatically played best quality version I could stop removing my low quality music from library and just use versions to switch back and forth.

Then I subscribed to Tidal suddenly my 3100 album library is ignored. For example have Supertramp - The Logical Song playing via Roon Radio. At 16/44 cd quality while present in my library is a DSD64 version. This is not occasionally but everytime I check its streaming not local.
Understand I can disable Tidal but that also renders Tidal Albums that have been downloaded locally as unplayable, so while a work around it breaks functionality.

Perhaps in wrong location? I did Google and found old threads from 2018 with no resolution

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Hi @Jerry_B

I have shifted your post from the 1.7 Feedback thread into its own Feature Request where it will have a higher visibility.

Hey thanks
So turns out I need to click on Queue (bottom right corner near playback device (win10)) from the top right corner next to Roon Radio I select the three dots. Then slide Limit Roon Radio to Library over. I am glad to always listen to my highest quality files still keeping lower quality around to compare.

Now where the feature request still is required is with my Bryston BDA-3 which doesn’t support MQA (don’t need it too) so can we ensure or add setting to rate highest quality with and without MQA? If that is simply done at device setup and then followed by library it is perfect. Or any way Roon sees fit to implement.

Back to the music.

Yes I have tons of higher quality music than Tidal, especially the old stuff 20+ years ago.

The problem with that solution is that you are limiting Roon Radio to your library only, meaning it won’t play music from Tidal that you haven’t got.

It would be best if Roon Radio could play from Tidal, but use a better local version if available.


yes but as long as I control what from Tidal is added to my library by having it locally I am okay with that. Easy to say when you have 3100 albums.
When I feel adventurous I will play certain playlists out of Tidal to find new music, often just want to hear my tunez. This is were Roon Radio excels is finding music to play that I want to hear.

Agree with you would be nice to always play the highest quality HiRes albums at our disposal. Wonder how processing at a 60 million library to achieve that would be done.

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The way I thought it might be done is to use Roon Radio with Valence as usual, but once a Track is chosen insert an additional check of the local library to see if a better version is available.

Valence uses the catalogues of all connected streaming services to suggest music already. They’ve already done the hard part.

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I’m new to this community and I would love to vote for this feature.
Where can I do so?
Thank you for your feedback.

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Welcome to the community. By posting in this thread, you have in effect voted for this feature request. However, the Roon Labs folks have said that simple “me too” posts won’t have much weight. What is far more effective is saying why the feature request is important to you, and if possible expand on the use case of the requested feature.


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This used to work, did it not? I recall in years past high res local would be played over Tidal or Qobuz non-high res.

It seems this is ‘broken’ more than a feature request as I understand it.

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Mike has addressed this before.

This is were the post split off mentioned a work around suggested by Roon Support here

I like the way @andybob suggested in post 5 but after reading link provided by @grossmsj here not so sure it’s easy to implement. For now the work around is effective for my use.