Automatic shutdown of roon core (windows os)

Thanks for the best streaming issue with roon!

I use a win 10 OS with roon core. I my opinion it will be a nice feature to have a automatic OS shutdown option at the core settings.
Actually I use the Task Sheduler from Microsoft for a shutdown every day at midnight 0:00.
A better way is an option in roon to set a timestamp and a check box “only when no music play”.


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Why do you shut it down?

Energy saving.
Next day I am at work and back at home after 4 p.m.
It make no sense to power the core 24 hours a day.

Ok. But you are talking about shutting down the Roon software, not the whole computer. Have you measured the power savings? In general, apps that are not doing anything don’t consume a lot of power in consumers.

I have monster Meridian speakers that contain five 150 W amplifiers each, plus a bunch of DACs, and DSP processing, plus a big controller, plus the Roon host itself; I measured the power consumption of the whole rig when not playing, and it was a few watts, less than a night light.

I never power down anything. When I want to play music, I pick up the iPad and play an album. When I don’t, I hit pause.

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I mean a complete os shutdown

I used to just shut down the Windows. Now that I’m using ROCK I will also be interested in how to automatically shut down the Linux driven NUC.

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Count me in. I would also like to see an intelligent function in ROCK to put the host os / cpu to deep sleep - either timer based and based on a configurable idle time - like a PC OS. To wake up the OS again there should be something implemented like WOL.

With my former squeeze server setup on a NAS I have been having exactly this power saving setup for many years The NAS would go to deep sleep when the network traffic was under a certain amount (only some hundred bytes/minute - pings and other low level stuff) and my Logitech Duets were patched to send a WOL string when they would be switched on / reconnected to the mains.

Maybe due to the smaller power footprint of modern hardware the amount of power saving is negligible but at least the fast spinning fan in the i7 NUC would get some rest. :wink: