Automatic start of Roon core

Can Roon core start automatically when you put on your PC (Windows 10), or must you use a display?

In Windows 10 you can go to settings/apps/start up and then you can set the app to start up when you log in to windows.

If you’ve got a headless PC running Windows 10, then have a read of this KB article.

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You can set things up so that the machine starts, Windows starts and Roon starts, when power comes on, e.g. after a power outage. A complete hands off appliance.

I did that, but I forgot the details since I went to Nucleus which does all that for me…,

I have found out. Right klick Start button. Klick Run. Write : shell:startup. Past the program you want to start

Yes, but to get the machine to automatically start when power comes on (which ensures that you always have music service even after a power outage, you have to change a setting in the BIOS.

And to make Windows automatically log on after the machine has started, and not just sit there waiting for you to log on, you have todo something else. This is normal behavior for servers, but not for PCs which are viewed as being always under control of a human.

The KB article says much the same thing, but is also focused on the Roon environment.

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