Automatic 'track fill' for incomplete albums

Hi Roon folks,

Sorry if this is already a feature or if there is a workaround, but I haven’t found it. Probably hiding in plain sight!

Anyway, way back when, in the before Roon times, I ripped a bunch of CDs. Unfortunately some of them were very damaged and some tracks would not rip.

I popped into one of these albums recently (Koi No Yokan by Deftones), of which 5/11 tracks were successfully ripped. This is the default version, so to listen to the full album, I need to switch to the Tidal version to hear the rest.

Would it be possible to have the option for Roon to automatically ‘fill in’ an incomplete Library version with Tidal or Qobuz tracks?

Again, I apologise if this is already doable through editing albums directly.

Best regards.

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I guess you could create a playlist with a mix of your rips and Tidal filling in the gaps.

Slightly OT but have you tried to repair the damaged CDs? Scratches can be polished out if you are careful. Works well for DVD and Xbox discs too. If it is damaged already you can’t do any harm. Ripping on different pcs can also help sometimes. DBpoweramp, which I use for ripping, also has different rip modes to try when it encounters damaged discs.

Deleting the badly ripped CDs may be the best way forward for you though. That or just repurchase used discs via local charity shops or Amazon sellers.

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Short of pinholes (seen on some of my oldest discs) I’ve managed to rip all my CDs using dBpoweramp and this …


Unfortunately my CDs are now…9,538km away, if they are even still in my parent’s loft. I emigrated, didn’t take a lot of stuff with me.

What many do not know is that the printed side of a CD is also very important, if you hold the damaged CD up to the light and you can see some light through it, then this section of the cd is impossible to read for the laser system

Spray paint may help if only the back is damaged. Nothing to lose

Just use a marker pen.

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