Automatic WIFI selection

I am not aware it already exists in ROON, but would it be possible that in de settings we could add the preferred WIFI name for the ROON app?
In this way ROON is using the same WIFI connection that is compatible with the wired connection to the modem/router. When not using ROON, the Macbook switches back to the WIFI that is at the top of the preference (advanced) list. The latter is a bunch of wifi extenders throughout the house.

The Roon Remote should work via any extender as long as it is on the same overall network.

Is the MacBook also your core?

No, the Nucleus is my core

Shouldn’t matter which extender you’re on then. So long as they are all extending the network the core is attached to the remote should work just fine.

This is handled by the device not an application.

Sounds like you have two separate WiFi networks so are not actually in extender mode.

That’s correct, eventhough the “extenders” are linked to the actual modem via cable

Roon needs one flat contiguous IP range on your network.