Automatically deauthorize the oldest license

Feature request:
Configuration option to automatically deauthorize the oldest license. I use two computers, one for work and one for freetime – but not at the same time, and the deauthorization and authorization to swap is currently a hassle.

Like you I use two computers and also find it a chore to keep swapping between the two, and as I mentioned on another thread if Audirvana can do it why not Roon. I think Audirvana just authorises another license for your second computer and if you get another computer you just deauthorize your old machine and authorise your new one, if you forget to deauthorize your old machine go on the community web site let Damien know and he will do it remotely, simple. Suspect Roon thinks by doing this it may be abused somehow!.

Some users have two licenses for similar purposes (2nd properties etc). How would it work in these circumstances? The ‘oldest’ may not be the one that needs reallocating.

Typically one with 2 licences has no need for a 3rd core to have to keep reauthorising … but I guess thats also a situation where the last used core could automatically drop off

I would like to know how many Roonies actually have more than one license?
As long as Roon does not allow sharing of playlists, tags, bookmarks, edits etc there’s a lot of hassle maintaintaing more than one database. More hassle than switching cores within one licens anyways.

I have a few Roons cores in use on a daily basis, but i don’t feel the license switching is a chore as such, it’s reasonably efficent (except when a particular Core has been logged out, then it takes wwaaaay to long to authorize it.)

I have no idea. I was merely pointing out that any change such as this has to take into account all use cases.

Well, stepping out of the details, as a user I’d like to use my single Roon license so that I can use it on any computer, just not on more than one at any given time. :slight_smile:
And I proposed this as a configuration option, so they could continue to do it manually like they do now.

Details are important. How do you expect the devs to develop a new feature without them?

  • Add configuration option “Automatically unauthorize oldest device if subscription is full”
  • When that is true, instead of showing “Authorizations” error message, just Unauthorize the oldest device.

If that is not possible, remove “old” from the spec and unauthorize all. Would still be beneficial for all users who only have 1 license and more than 1 computers in their personal use.

There. I’m a developer myself and sometimes developers prefer to be presented with the problem, not just the solution. But now I’ve presented the problem and a solution proposal that works with all use cases, so there you go. And – it’s completely fine to make suggestions to a product as a customer without having to write detailed specifications and having to think about all corner cases. They know their product.