Automatically populate Work and Part Tags with Mp3Tag

I spent some time figuring out how to fill Work and Part tags automatically from the Title tag. I found the following solution using Mp3Tag.

In most of my files, the Title tag has the following form “Work: Part”, e. g.:
Violin Sonata in C major, K. 296: I. Allegro Vivace

In Mp3Tag use Convert -> Tag - Tag

Field: WORK
Format string: $cutRight(%TITLE%,$add(1,$sub($len(%TITLE%),$strchr(%TITLE%,:))))

Field: PART
Format string: $cutLeft(%TITLE%,$strchr(%TITLE%,:))


This is great. Can someone work out a similar trick with Metadatics please?

If only it were so simple in Roon code! :wink:

This is very useful, with the proviso that the track titles adhere to a strict format and only contain one colon. :slight_smile:

Things you want to be careful of are:

  1. Work with multiple colons, such as Operas which have more then the two levels represented by Work and Part
  2. Tracks titles that contain a ‘:’ but don’t represent a work:part at all

Its also quite common for other delimiters to be used to seperate work and part such as a ‘,’ or ‘;’

I hope that’s not directed at Joel because if it is, you are majorly teaching granny how to suck eggs…

AFAIK this is not possible with Metadatics, at least not according to its documentation on tag editing. The problem is that there are no functions to extract parts of an existing into another tag, only to create another tag by combining existing tags and additional text. I just wrote to the developer to ask if anything like that is possible but not fully documented.

Of course it wasn’t - it was directed at the original poster