Automatically Toggle Parametric Equalizer by Song Playing

I hope this is the correct category to post this in. And I am sure everyone deals with this problem, so it may have been discussed previously. If so, my apologies.

A question occurred to me today while listening to some vintage BeeGees. It is music I love but it is also music that is often poorly produced, to the point of being unlistenable. I can tame it using the parametric EQ. But it’s not useful because most music I listen to sounds best without any EQ. Like I suspect most people, I listen to music in the context of playlists. And it is not practical to stop a playlist, turn on EQ, listen to one tune and then stop again to turn off EQ.

So my question is, is it possible to add a code (similar to a tag) to songs that need EQ and have that code enable EQ for that song only?

Cast your vote here. :+1:

Thanks for the steer over to your thread, I voted!

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Someone else thought of and posted it, but I agree it’s a great idea that I would certainly use. :grinning::+1: