Automatize album version to be played

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I tried to do a quick search on this but I didn’t find something interesting.

I use Roon for playing music on various different devices but 2 main categories are: Sonos (plays CD quality) and a Lumin U1 Mini (plays HiRes). As you know, Sonos doesn’t really play more than CD quality when used with Roon.

I have Qobuz Sublime and Tidal subscriptions. When you look at an album in Roon, you have the useful tab called “Versions” to select a HiRes version or a CD version. Default behaviour in Roon when I play an album is to select and play the best quality available, usually HiRes. When doing this on my Sonos, Roon downsamples the HiRes signal to make it CD.

So the request is this: is it possible to make Roon automatically select the album version which is best fit for the system it is playing to? When I select an album available in both CD and Hires and play it, I would like Roon to automatically play HiRes on my Lumin and CD on my Sonos so that I avoid Roon doing downampling on Sonos.

Hope this is clear.
Please let me know if this is already possible and if the idea seems good to you.

No it’s not currently possible so I have moved this to feature requests as it fits there better.

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Curious. Is there a sound-quality reason you want to do this? Or is it more for data sizes/rates/budgeting?

I explained this
This feature would allow streaming on Sonos or other devices non HiRes capable to not be downsampled by Roon before playing

yes, I saw that.

But what is the difference between downsampling from Hi-Res to CD vs. starting with CD? Is there an audible difference on the Sonos?

If we were talking about video, downsampling actually looks better with more details. So we get Blu Ray that are Mastered in 4K.

For music, if the master is something like 96kHz or 192kHz, I suspect Roon downsampling to 48kHz may have an advantage over the original CD 44.1kHz which were downsampled by the studio.

Sonos S2 supports 24 bit, so downsampling gives you an advantage.

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Thanks Peter
This is very interesting
I didn’t approach this like that

So you think it is better letting the HiRes audio downsampled by Roon to 48k instead of playing the original 16b 44k which you state it is already downsampled by the studio. I like the idea. But are you sure?

Another problem here is that Roon doesn’t seem to recognize Sonos S2 as a 24b player. Roon downsamples 24b 48k albums to 16b

Roon has not updated its Sonos code to mange 24bit. Even so downsampling to 44.1/16 from hires is not really going to hurt the sq on the Sonos I would think. Resampling to multiple rates will likely lead to many issues especially CPU resources. But saying that it will do it already if you have three devices and only one supports that hires.

Anybody knows when Sonos S2 handling by Roon will be updated to take advantage of Sonos 24b?

I am surprised by the fact that Sonos can do 24b 48k but not 24b 96k/192k? Do you think it is a hardware limitation or they may upgrade it later with an update?

Likely because Roon is still supporting the older Sonos that don’t support 24 bit. Sonos ditched those to get the update out.