Avoid page reloading in ios app

Every time you come back to the iPad app from “lock” state, which happens quite often, Roon pauses for a moment and refreshes the screen. This may seem insignificant but it’s a constant annoyance that builds on you.

There is no need to refresh the entire screen - just the bottom bar showing the track currently playing needs refreshing. Even there, many times only the position in the track needs refreshing.

PLEASE fix this!!! thanks.


There may already be a feature request in for this, but yeah agreed - the 1.3 refresh was a big improvement, but really you want the last viewed page cached and available immediately, and just an unobtrusive graphic somewhere indicating it’s reconnecting.

Another thing I’d like changed is to keep the volume popup active upon return to the App. I have the iPhone as a remote for volume during the night (long story involving a baby), and fiddling to get the volume popup back is a bit annoying. Often I’m not on that zone so have accessed the volume via zones selector.


I will jump in on this, too! I’d like to be able to leave app and/or come back to my phone and have Roon where I left it off.

Pie-in-the-sky would be to have controls surfaced to the iOS lock screen, etc. like other apps do.

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