B102 Can't find Wikipedia in ARC [Resolved in B103]

I suppose it would be in the same place as in the remote, but can’t find it anywhere else either



By the way, now that I see them side by side, I notice that the two apps are using a different date format. My Android is set to English language with German locale. The remote’s format is the same as shown in the Android settings, but I prefer ARC’s

Am also not sure when it surfaces / how to achieve it. So far I only find TiVo info showing - e.g. albums for which there is Wikipedia data but no TiVo info show nothing in ARC, in contrast to Roon Remote.

(Android 11)

I don’t have any settings for it either

Functionality is hidden behind the bit, so you might need to restart ARC a couple of times to pick up the change. Do you see the “Editorial sources” setting on the Settings page?

No. I did restart the Roon Server, but see no setting in ARC

Please try restarting ARC a couple of times

No luck, 5 times including phone reboot.

Screenshot / info of where to find settings?

Me neither, neither a sources menu nor settings for it, ROCK is 1179, ARC is 102, restarted ARC 10 times and checked various artists and albums.

Wiki functionality is missing again. No content, no settings…

Weird behaviour after resetting Arc to stir up something.



And after closing and restarting ARC this (nothing else further down on screen) with no way to progress:

ARC sorted itself out in 10 minutes or so during my post - but no sign of Wikipedia functionality after.

We are looking into the problem, hold on guys


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Ok, we’ve submitted a build that should resolve the issue - build 103

Toggle is there now. Thanks.

Confirmed. Thanks.

@vova, thanks for ARC update 103. Wikipedia info is working perfect!

I found one little imperfection/difference in ARC though (-> Settings → Editorial sources) compared with Remote (-> Settings → General). In ARC there is “TiVo artist bios” available where as it is called in Remote (just like in Roon Windows) as “TiVo artist biographies”. The indication “TiVo artist biographies” is clearer for me.

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Good catch. We will update


This is fixed in 104

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@vova, I noticed it. Thanks!!