B103 ARC feedback [Investigating]

Hi guys I’m on
Roon core build 1179 early access
Roon arc build 103 early access on iPhone

CarPlay still not loading screen on either starting the Roon arc before connecting or ushering the app on CarPlay this is all I get below

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Roon ARC will not connect to my Nucleus this morning. I’m now going through the process of rebooting things. Frustrating.

EDIT: Connected after rebooting my iPhone.

I had the same problem as Jim initially, and then once I parked, opened the app on the phone and went to the process of loading each category in my library they wanted instantly I then went back into the CarPlay interface, and clicked on the same categories again, and this time they loaded almost instantly, so not sure what’s going on there It would be nice to see that be more consistent. One other thing I saw, which is more of a suggestion is for example, when I am looking on an artist, such as Johan Johansson, I am seeing the albums I have in my library, top tracks, recommended albums in the CarPlay interface, but not the discography, whereas when I’m in the ARC app, I can see all of that, including discography it would be nice to be able to have access to all of his albums in his discography in the CarPlay interface, like in the actual arc interface if I am making that clear thanks

I just drove around to test B103 CarPlay and all is good.

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There still seems to be something wrong with the CarPlay app when it comes to the my library function as now I’m noticing that it’s loading some albums, some artists, some composers, etc. but only a handful, whereas the actual ARC app has everything in my library, when it comes to albums, artist, composers, etc. so not sure why it’s not all showing up in CarPlay only say 10 artists in 15 albums whereas in the Arc app I have the entire library .

B1179 on ROCK NUC10i3
ARC B103 on iPhone 12 Pro iOS 16.1.2
CarPlay on Pioneer DMH-Z6350BT

Not seeing albums or artists load, screen stays on “Loading…”, I left it for a few minutes with no change.

The Now Playing screen and Home Screen work fine and images all load.

Thanks I’ll give it another go !

Update:- just tried it again on the way to work which is nearly 15 mins , still got the same screen ………Loading please wait .

iPhone 13pro max
iOS 16.1.2

So this is not “broken” per se, but it’s a battle against Carplay limitations and performance. Two things to note here:

  1. Carplay itself has a hard limitation to how many items you can show in a list view when the car is in motion. It is around 10-12 depending on display density. All Carplay apps adhere to this limitation.
  2. Due to more Carplay limitations and delivering you reasonable load times when you’re driving, we will not be able to display all of the items in a heavy library. (similar music apps tend to limit list items after 150 items). We’re still trying to figure out what the best balance of information, performance, and safety is on these screens. Right now, I agree it’s too low and we’re trying to bump up the ceiling. We’ll see how far we can go :slight_smile:
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For those of you experiencing long load times, a few questions:

  • Can you confirm which ARC build and core you were using?
  • Did you start ARC from your phone first or from the head unit of your vehicle?
  • What pages were trying to load?
  • How large are your libraries?
  • When you were attempting to load, how was your connection (Strong 5G, weak 3G, etc?)

Currently on the latest Roon core build 1179 on my Intel nuc and Roon arc build103.
We get 4g signal where we live but in our area it’s pretty much a 4g signal ,just to add I have used Plexamp for some time in the car with CarPlay and usually have no problem ,am hoping Roon arc will take over these duties :smiley:.
I’ve tried both ways opening the app first before connecting and connecting first then open app in CarPlay , makes no difference to me tried about 5 times now to no avail , I have around 450 albums stored on a usb storage device connected to the nuc.hope this helps you .

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Thanks very much Kevin.

So as far as I understand it, ARC in Carplay will not load at all. Is this right?

What kind of head unit/car are you using?
Does ARC perform just fine on your iOS device?

Your library is fairly small and ARC should have no trouble loading 450 albums with decent connection.

Thanks, that makes sense! Do appreciate you all looking at it. Concur more than 10-12 would be great, but can’t have everything as the Carplay “app” simply doesn’t permit it and if it did it could take forever to load. Since the last update “everything loads” quickly. I no longer have to open the app on the phone 1st, etc…I plug it it and ARC opens in Carplay immediately. This seems to work best w/strong LTE and 5G. I am on the latest version of the ARC beta and latest iOS, iphone 14Pro. I have a big library of over 250K tracks…which I can and do see in the ARC app w/o crashing, but as noted above and in your response, the info in carplay in those categories is much more limited (hence my shameless plug again for a “most recent played and most recent added categories” since those would be a small number each.

That’s correct it doesn’t load at all , tried it again tonight on the drive home to no avail ,the cars a Honda civic 2019 plate using Hondas own system , just to add i gave used the tidal app , Spotify and Plexamp with no problem so don’t think it’s a problem with Hondas own unit as such .
Arc does work just fine on the iPhone 13 Pro Max with no problem at all

Hey all, build 104 with a bunch of fixes for CarPlay is out. Please let us know your feelings.

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