B1149 crash playlists [Ticket in]

If I hold the 6 dots in any playlist it immediately crashes Roon iOS and you must relaunch. Not sure if this has been reported. Never tried this until now. Reproducible every time.

I agree, have tried iPad & iPhone and the “bug” affects the iPhone every time, iPad is OK.

Hi, @PixelPopper, @Jeff_Nelson, thank you for your reports, this is a known issue and we have an open ticket for it. I hope it will be resolved in the next release.



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Android devices have no crash when doing this.
Just tried on 2 devices.

Hi @ivan

This is still happening on Roon build 1159. Any idea when we might see a fix??

Same here, on Android. Playlist crashes all the time when I scroll down the list. Is since a month or three or so.