B1149 not seeing update to 1155 [Resolved]

My core doesn’t seem to want to see this update says I am latest version. Anyone else?

Confirmed – my NUC on ROCK is not seeing the update either.


Must be Roon OS related then? None of my Linux based cores had issues seeing and downloading the updates (one stable, one earlyaccess).

Agreed here, my ROCK not seeing.

I read the announcement as saying “All Linux-based distros will get this update (including RoonOS)”… so doesn’t bother me (I don’t need this fix) but figure Team Roon should know if something unexpected is happening, or rather if something expected to happen is not.

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Yes. Says update available, but is still on 1149 after update.

I’m also still on B1149 on NUCi7 with ROCK (no info about update); also it seems I’m removed from the Roon ARC test program by developer according to Testflight (iOS).

Same here !

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I thought this new build was only for QNAP device’s, did I read that wrong.

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Maybe I’ve found too many errors, they want me out of the program :wink:

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We discovered an issue in our last release which prevented some Linn products from communicating with Roon cores running on QNAP devices. Today’s release addresses this issue and should return those impacted to normal functionality.

As this fix only applies to QNAP devices we are releasing it as an update only to Roon cores running on Linux-based operating systems (including RoonOS). Updates will not be released for cores running on macOS or Windows; Roon Remotes; or Roon apps.

Thank you for your continued support,
The Team at Roon Labs

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Thanks for that
I stopped reading after the QNAP part.
In that case I want my update as well :grin:

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Puts a whole new look on early access when it’s there for the general release crowd before us. Lol

Same here, no update prompt for 1149 > 1155 (ROCK) and still none for the OS update 253 > 254 either.

Yeah not had that one either.

So I have build 254 which is interesting as I don’t remember doing anything to get that.
But just checked again for the latest Roon build and still not available to me

Im in the same situation, earlyaccess 1149 on ROCK but no 1155 update is available.

Same for me. Also after putting the earlyaccess roon file in Data/branches I still cannot update OS to 254 and nothing about the 1155 upgrade being asked

Hey everyone, I just confirmed that somehow I didn’t deploy the RoonOS build - human error. Fixed now.

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Yep, I was having the same issue and about 10 mins ago my Core got the Build 1155 earlyaccess update.

Just got it.