B1159 Android Crackling with USB Driver [Investigating]

Hi Mike

I’ve got the early release for Arc and I’m pleased to say it works with my AQ Cobalt well.

One issue is speaker phone crackle/pop when the USB audio driver is engaged when play is pressed.

My phone is a Samsung M52 and I used a OTG from Samsung to connect the DAC.

Let me know if you need further details.

Screenshot of my phones details.

Hi, thank you for the report, @Geal_us_Dearg_a_suas. @john will take a look at this a bit later today.



(Android 11, Fairphone 4, usb-attached Chord Mojo. Native passthrough)

As per title - on each sample rate change between tracks when playing to USB DAC, there is a very audible ‘pop’ over the phone’s speaker.

Another reason I chose Roon over other options. Top notch support service. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::grin:

Hi @ivan

I tried with core build 1160 and arc build 84. Still crackling sound coming at the beginning of each song. The crackling sound comes from the speakers of the phone, not the dongle nor external dac.

Phone is samsung galaxy s20 on android 12 and dac is a&k sp2000.

Issue remains with builds 1160 / 84

We will make one more attempt on Monday

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