B1159 Wikipedia TiVo info not working properly iOs [Fixed in #1174]

@Early_Access Looking at album info for a specific album the toggle switch between TiVo and Wikipedia not working and can only see a few lines under the switching button and can’t scroll any more, the top details don’t change at all. I hope this isn’t intended behaviour?

Switching sources in Editorial section makes no difference to what is shown it’s always TiVo all they changes is 3 lines at bottom.

If I then click on the Wikipedia link the app freezes and has to be restarted. Android 13.

Also freezing for me on phone app (Android 11).

Okay somebody flicked a switch as this is now working on artist Bios but still broke for albums reviews as my opening post.

Same here on Android 11 / Fairphone 4

Also very hard to expand the first few lines of the TiVo artist bio to full text by trying to tab the downward arrow - lucky if 1 in 6 tabs has the desired effect, but occasionally it does work.

Dang I tried that, also FP4 :joy:

I don’t know if you mean the same, but the difficulty of expanding the Wiki link menu is to be fixed

See the replied-to post for details of the issue. If your issue is different, explaining it in the same thread seems a successful strategy :slight_smile:

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Yes, seems same. thanks

Thank you for the report, @CrystalGipsy, we will take a look.

@ged_hickman1, as for the Android problem, we have an open ticket for that, hopefully it will be fixed soon.



Turning off both Wikipedia and TiVo Editorial sources has resolved my Android Remotes from freezing. Both of my Android Remotes freeze withing 60 seconds of launching the app. I am not attempting to read info about an artist or a recording. My remotes freeze simply trying to open a recording to play it.

I have had no problems on my Win 11 device.

Not sure if this is the same issue, but I’m only seeing the first few lines of text in iOS b1159 (iPhone 12), with no more nor any option for Wikipedia, even though I have both TiVo and Wikipedia selected.

Also, FWIW can’t say I listen to prog or metal that much, but sometimes… Roon convinces me to give something a go…

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No judgement on musical taste :wink:.

I have my own Jazz quirks.

I still also see the problem initially described by @CrystalGipsy with the latest B1164:

Shown album content is somehow “doubled” (or at least a few more lines are doubled) on my:

  • Galaxy Tab S6 (only in upright mode !! no doubling if used crosswise !)
  • Galaxy S10 (only works upright anyway)

Sometimes the (partly) “doubled” content is shown in German, while to original content is English.

All seems to be working now after 1174 update. I’m really enjoying the Wikipedia addition, particularly now that I can use it on mobile settings. Great work Roon :clap: :clap: :clap:.


Agreed I prefer the Wikipedia bios so far.
Although some have been woefully out of date missing lots of more recent materials. I prefer the TiVo Reviews though.