B116 ARC Carplay Feedback

I give up. Nothing about ARC or CarPlay works for me on iPhone 13 Pro Max. It says Nucleus is on line and ready, but I don’t think it will connect.

EDIT: I may have found the problem. I have Roon ARC also loaded on my iPad Mini 6, so I tried it. It says Qobuz is not logged in. So, I guess my Nucleus at home is not connected to Qobuz and evidently, not connected to Tidal. So, once again, all the stars are not in alignment. We’re one week into our three weeks away from home. Oh well.

B1180 ROCK Core on NUC10i3
ARC B112 on iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 16.2
Wireless CarPlay on Pioneer DMH-Z6350BT

Yes @Jim_F , it’s a shame that we cannot remotely reboot our core in a circumstance such as this?!

I installed B116 at home on wifi and as soon as I started ARC on my iPhone it crashed!!!

Once in the car, CarPlay was noticeably quicker to start on my first journey, am just going to get back in the car now and will see what happens.

I finally got Roon ARC to play a couple of my 42 local tracks on my Nucleus. I think we might have had a power blip in Atlanta that caused my Nucleus to lose connection to Tidal and Qobuz. There is not a lot of value in this for someone like me who just streams from Tidal and Qobuz. Free Apple Music from Verizon is going to be my go to method for mobile music and CarPlay.

This is probably why Slingbox is no more.

This build appears more unstable with CarPlay.

On my return journey I got into the car and started the engine, at that point my phone had dropped down to two bars on 4G, artwork on the Home Screen would not load and when I tried to start the second track on an album the ARC CarPlay app threw me out to CarPlay’s Home Screen (not ARC’s Home Screen), this has never happened before and happened several times, during my journey my phone went back to four bars on 5G but I was still experiencing the same issues already mentioned.

I pulled over and made a video which I will try and upload later, once on the side of the road I managed to get the music playing and the artwork loaded.

ARC’s CarPlay app seems very dependent on a strong phone signal, Adelaide’s 5G signal varies greatly in the city and around the parklands and will drop to 4G quite often.
For comparison I’ve driven across Australia through large areas of only 3G coverage and haven’t had the music stop with the Tidal CarPlay app.

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It’s working for me tried it in the car 3 times now on CarPlay on my iPhone 13pro max ,no more logged out , seems to play just fine from my nuc at home and downloads ……looks good to me !


The “now playing” section works fine.
In all other screens, after a loading period, it doesn’t load anything (home, library, album, artists, playlists…)

Samsung S9+

IOS CarPlay still won’t work for me.
Arc will work in the car but once I introduce CarPlay it won’t connect and gives a poor connection screen.

Doesn’t show at all in my 2018 UK golf.

I’m not seeing it either. I can still manually start the app on my phone and play music, but none of the playback controls in the car work except for volume. Looking forward to similar functionality with ARC that I have in the car with USB Audio Player PRO, Qobuz and TIDAL apps.

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Are you seeing this issue with any track local or streaming, or just a specific one?
What happens when you try to play the same track ( in the car) from ARC?

I see this playing anything via CarPlay.
I can sit in the car and use ARC to test the connection, however as soon as CarPlay comes into play I get a spinning wheel on the track then after sometime I get the poor connection popup.
I see this using the 2 connections in the car which are USB or wireless.

@vova I have some progress, I remembered I had rebooted my NAS that the core is hosted on.

I can now play music and navigate but no cover art.

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I’ve been using B116 on CarPlay over the last few days and had none of the issues reoccur that I had when I first ran B116 connected CarPlay, and have done four one hour journeys from the city out through suburbia to the beach and back.

Mostly 5G coverage (if not all) ranging from two bars to four.

I always seem to get issues on the first run connected to CarPlay.

Nice work the CarPlay app :+1: I have one question. Is it possible to implement a search box in the CarPlay app?

I don’t think that will ever be an option without Siri integration. CarPlay apps have limitations to make sure drivers are not distracted from the road.

Apple Music does not have this function, and some CarPlay implementations actually restrict what Apple Music menus are accessible when the car is in motion.


Hey all, I’ve trimmed this post to just contain Carplay feedback. For Android Auto feedback, please post in here: B116 ARC Android Auto Feedback - #18 by michael

Thank you :slight_smile:

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