B116 Arc Playback Internal Error

For the last few betas as well as on the current public release I’ve been having an issue with Arc when the song changes the play button will spin for a few seconds and not continue to the next track. I’ll get a message that says Playback Internal Error. I’ll then hit play and the track will play normally. Is anyone else having this issue? I’m wondering if it is a problem with Arc or a problem with my Roon database.

I am currently on B116 but I saw this in production as well.


I’m thinking I may have inadvertently corrupted my Roon database when I retagged and reorganized my library folder structure with SongKong after purchasing it. I restored from a backup from about a month ago before I did that and let Roon rescan. So far Arc is playing but time will tell to see if it is still stable after a little bit since after searching I haven’t seen anyone else with this issue so I am leaning that it is my database and not Arc.

It’s been several days since the database restore, and I’ve only had this happen once instead of every time I use Arc. I think it’s safe to say this was on my end.