B1160 Android remote apps grab phone volume buttons despite fixed volume [expected behavior]

Not sure if this is new and it may well be intended, but slightly awkward in my use case. I have Roon in the foreground, playing to my stereo system zone with fixed volume (which is 99.9% of my playing time). Roon seems to grab the phone volume hardware button although it can’t do anything with the volume, and it shows a volume icon without function. So to change phone default/ring volume I have to move Roon to background first. Same on phone and tablet.

Hi, @Suedkiez, this seems like an expected behaviour to me. When an app is in the foreground it grabs the control of volume controls in case it requires it. In Roon’s for OS it’s not really possible to tell if your zone has fixed volume or a changeable value.



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Got it, thanks!

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