B1170 and ARC94 USB issue

I have peculiar one here:

Samsung Note 20 Ultra plays OK with a Topping D10s; with a Khadas Toneboard DAC (built into my DIY tube headphone amp), the sound halts after a second or two of playback commencing. Roon ARC still shows it as playing with lossless signal path.

On a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+, I have no issues at all.

Interesting. Do you have a powered USB hub that you could insert between your phone and Khadas DAC? I’m just wondering if it could be a current draw issue.

I’m using the Khadas TEA (powered by an internal battery) with a Google Pixel 7 Pro with good results, but I know that the Khadaa Tone2 Pro is power hungry. I usually power it externally when using it with a phone.

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Good suggestion David. I’ll give it a try.

@David_Snyder The USB powered hub was a great call. A new one arrived from Amazon this morning (my existing one’s PSU is buried underneath my office desk behind a large wine rack :grin:). I connected it between my phone and the Khadas Tone Board and now Roon ARC works perfectly. The great news is that when I take the headphone amp on holiday with me, the hub will significantly reduce the drain on my Samsung tablet’s battery.

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