B1174 freezes when scrolling in editorial source settings, apparently only with some source setups [Resolved]

On Android 11, Fairphone 4
Same on Windows remote

Go to Settings, open Editorial sources editor. Scroll up and down a few times, it always freezes. Must quit and restart app.

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Just tried on Android 12 Samsung Tablet and found the same result. App freeze. Restart required.

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Not seeing this on Windows 10 client to ROCK. Spent 5 minutes scrolling up and down the Editorial Sources editor. Both on build 1174.

Tried it on Android B1170. And no issue. Updated remote to B1174, and still no freezing.

Also ROCK. Maybe depends on what sources are enabled?

Here are mine after I made some changes, now I can’t make it crash anymore

Previously they were different, let me try…

And it freezes with this after a few scrolls:

Mine freezes with 1st 4 options selected.

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This might be it, this freezes for me as well:

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Me too on iPhone 13 Pro Max

But not for me on an iPhone SE 2020, using the same four, in the same order.

Resolved for me long ago

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