B1179 Roon crashes repeatedly on iPad since last update [Investigating]

Hi Guys,

Since your last update 2.0 (build 1179 earlyaccess) a few days ago, Roon crashes repeatedly on my iPad Pro 10.5 inch (OS 16.1.1 ‘20B101’). When I start Roon it works fine as long as I’m on the home page. It goes wrong when I click on an album cover to play the album, the artist name / album name / and/or any text for more artist/album information. Restarting the app is no longer possible, it keeps crashing. I did find that if I restart the app and then click the back (<) button in the app very quickly (before the app crashes) and return to the homepage, the app don’t crash. These crashes do not occur on my other remotes iPhone 11 (OS 16.1.1 ‘20B101’) and my Macbook (mac OS Big Sur 11.7.1). What I do notice is that there are differences in the number of editorial sources between my remotes. On my iPad misses TiVo album reviews, TiVo artist biographies and TiVo composition synopses while my iPhone and Macbook do have these present but misses TiVo editorial content. My Core is a Intel Nuc / Roon Rock version 2.0 (build 1179) I am now a bit hesitant about a lifetime subscription before the end of the year. Hope you can help me soon. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Robert

So one thing that is great about TestFlight and the way that they have deployed earlyaccess is that they now have better instrumentation to catch and analyze crashes (as long as you hit “submit” each time it asks you for a crash report, which TestFlight ought to do each time you launch after a crash).

Personally, while I’m selfishly glad that I have a lifetime, I’m glad for every user who stays on annual because it’s better for Roon’s ultimate cash flow. But that shouldn’t affect your decision, you do what’s right for you based on what you see. The one thing that I personally don’t think is fair is to judge Roon’s stability by the crashiness/ stability of the earlyaccess program. If you prioritize stability, you should be on production branch, full stop. I wish Roon said that more, but they want a lot of people in earlyaccess so they don’t say it as loudly as they might.

All that said, good luck and enjoy the music!

Hi, @Robert_Kuijs, thank you for the report.

Based on your screenshot, your iPad app is not the latest early access build because now the TiVo editorial content option is split into 3 options. Here’s an example:

Could you, update to the latest build on your iPad and see how it goes?

In case it’s still reproducible, please, repeat these steps of yours, reproduce your issue and then upload a zip archive with your logs from iOS device – here. An instruction on how to gather your logs – here



Hi Ivan,

Thanks for your reply but how do i update the app manually? Normally it udates automatically via Testflight. Shouldn’t my version build 1179 not be the latest?

@Robert_Kuijs, could you, please, tell me what do you see in Test Flight when you go to Roon Remote detail page? Do you have a section called 2.000.90000?



@ Ivan, yes 2.000.90000 (200001179). It is on top of the latest 12 builds, so this is the latest i assume?

Yes, that’s correct.


Hi Ivan,

I reproduced the issue and uploaded the iOS log zipfile.

Thanks, @Robert_Kuijs. One more question, are you seeing this with every page you try to visit except for the Home page or browsers can also be opened just fined and certain artists/album details are working as expected too?

Could you, please, also check if you are able to reproduce this issue in case you disable every option in the Editorial sources tab?



@ Ivan, i don’t know exactly what you mean but if i go to (other than my homepage) my tracks for example and click on the album artist it don’t crashes. But on that same page, if i click on the text from the artist ‘overview’ the app crashes. Other example, if i go to My Artists and click on an artist the app don’t crash. But on that same page, if i click on the text from the artist ‘overview’ the app crashes also. Other example, If i go to My Albums and select a random album the app crashes immediately. Other example, if i go to My Playlists and select a random playlist, it opens normally. Now within that playlist i select a random song, click play and it works. But when i click on the album cover next to the play button the app tries to open the album but then crashes. So it seems that clicking on any album cover and any additional info text regarding artist/album info at various levels within Roon the app crashes.

Hope this is sufficient info, i also uploaded three more log files.

I disabled all Editorial sources and cannot reproduce the issue. I opened My Albums, selected a random album and the app did not crash! Cannot try to reproduce the other issues (clicking on text) because the sources are disabled of course!

Got it, thanks! I created a ticket for this issue for our dev team.


@ Ivan, Thanks! For the time being… Do i hear from the dev team? When will that approx. be? Until then no remote iPad to control Roon?

This should be addressed in 1180, please try it out

@ Ivan, @ Vova,

Good morning guys, after installing 1180 and trying to reproduce the issue i just want to say a big thank you to you and your team for solving my problem so quickly!! Much appreciated! Everything seems to be working as normal. Kind regards, Robert

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