B1191 Roon DSD Headphone Amp Issue?

Decided to play with my portable headphone rig tonight. Server is SonicOrbiter i9 in my office, remote and endpoint is ipad pro, connected to iFi HipDac2 via audioquest dragontail usb-c to OTG connection on hipdac balanced out to Audeze Lcd-x…the issue is max upsampling shows dsd 128 but hipdac capable of Dsd256…down sampling native 256 to 128 as well. Why? Wifi issue? Limit of ipad usb-c out? I never tried this on earlier builds so dont know if worked as hipdac2 is new to me. I also noticed a bug perhaps as if I have the Audeze preset for the Lcd-x it shows its in effect on the signal chain even when I have it disabled. Thoughts on any of this?

in your endpoint’s device-setup check if Native-DSD mode is supported; in DoP (DSD over PCM) mode, what you see is normal

Great idea, but upon further reading its the iOS limitation…iOS like MacOS cannot do native DSD only DOP…and max DOP DSD rate is 128. So even though my DAC supports native DSD 256, it never sees a native DSD stream from the iPad as it had already downsampled it to DSD 128 for DOP. Not a big deal, just a bit frustrating that I cant get an native DSD stream from an iPad.