B1191 Roon Server crashes irregularly [fixed with #1194]

I have been experiencing RoonServer crashing since I switched to B1191. It happens every few minutes to an hour when playing music, and it happens with both Qobuz and local sources.

My Environment.
Core OS: Windows 10, RoonServer Build 1191
Remote: iPad Pro 12.9(2022), RoonRemote Build 1191
Audio Device: LINN KlimaxDSM/3
Networking: RoonServer → Ediscreatio SilentSwitch → UptoneAudio EtherRegen → KlimaxDSM
Library: 3000Albums, 40000Tracks stored on local SSD.

I have looked at the RoonServer logs and there is a SocketException. Can you provide a link to share the logs? I will also help you to collect the detailed information needed to investigate, so please contact me if necessary.

@masa_s hello, I would kindly ask you to upload the archive with logs here

Hi, @masa_s, could you, please, update to the latest production #1194 build and see if the crashes are still reproducible for you?



@ivan I updated to Build1194 and have been using Roon all day today and it did not crash.

@oleh The problem I reported has been resolved.

Thank you for your support!