B1194 Roon on Windows Feedback

Looks good so far. I am running full screen Roon on Windows 10. No issues when minimized and immediately restores when maximized. Thanks for this update.

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So far it’s good here as well (Windows 10 PC and Windows 11 Laptop).

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I’m curious, after all this time, how did you fix this?

EDIT: No lockups or crashes. Great fix. Thanks.

My Windows remote just crashed hard on 1194. The remote just disappeared instantaneously with no error and it stopped playback as well. I guess because I lost my Windows zone when it crashed.

If anyone in @support is interested it happened 18/01/23 @ 15:56 (UK) and I can share the logs from the remote if needs be.

EDIT: This is the error as it appears in the remote log;

Local Time: 01/18/2023 15:56:02 +00:00
Device Serial Number: ECD6A2DB-448B-4D64-8492-783F089CBEAE
User Id:
Roon Version: 2.0 (build 1194) earlyaccess
OS Version: Windows 10

Application Domain: Roon.exe
Assembly Codebase: file:///C:/Users/timrhodes/AppData/Local/Roon/Application/Roon.exe
Assembly Full Name: Roon, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null

CPU0 Description: Intel64 Family 6 Model 94 Stepping 3 2592 MHz (64-bit)
CPU0 Num Cores: Physical: 4 Logical: 4

GPU0 Description: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M 0 MB
GPU0 Video Mode: 4500 x 3000 x 4294967296 colors
GPU0 Driver Version:

SCREEN0 Name: \.\DISPLAY1 (primary)SCREEN0 Bounds: 0,0 4500x3000

Exception Source: mscorlib
Exception Type: System.ArithmeticException
Exception Target Site: Math.Sign
Exception Message: Function does not accept floating point Not-a-Number values.
Exception Data: none

–[ Stack Trace ]------------
System.Math.Sign(Double value)
mscorlib.dll, IL 57, N 14200982
Broo.Engine.Flickable2.ProcessFrameSmoothScrolling(Double dt, Double p0)
BrooEngine.DLL, IL 116, N 364
Broo.Engine.Flickable2.AnimationLoop(Double frameTimestamp)
BrooEngine.DLL, IL 298, N 788
BrooEngine.DLL, IL 195, N 723
Sooloos.Application.Main(String[] argv)
Roon.exe, IL 1921, N 4451

EDIT2: I cant @ support anymore ??

but you did earlier in that post, I can see the tag …

Could your clarify?

I dont know it doesnt seem to work as it did before. It gives you a drop down list of names that match what you are @'ing but that doesnt include support anymore, and it used to say you are ‘notifying 6 people are you sure’ or whatever and that didnt happen either. Does it still actually work?

You are posting in the Early Access category. Roon developers see everything we post and use it as they work on the next release. You can expect some problems with Early Access releases.

Problems yes, catastrophic crashes, not so much.

I spoke too soon. Roon just locked up on my Dell Windows 10 for about 20 seconds after opening from being minimized for 5 or 10 minutes.

EDIT: Hasn’t happened again. Maybe this was a fluke.

EDIT: Nope, it happened again and crashed my Dell.

That too. Shouldn’t happen maybe but the point of testing is to find the unknown issues

Thats why I posted the feedback and the exception info.

Hi @Tim_Rhodes ,

Thanks for the report. Most likely the issue you are experiencing is due to the screen resolution you are using on that Remote which appears to be 4500 x 3000. I’ve passed your report on to our QA team to investigate this further. Can you confirm if this is a new issue after updating to build 1194 or did you see it in the past too?

Was just commenting on your statement that catastrophic crashes shouldn’t be expected during testing. They come with the territory.

Hey @noris

Yeah I have never seen this issue before. I have used this remote for at least three years.

This is my view of beta testing.

Hi, @Tim_Rhodes, could you, please, specify if there is any particular pattern of steps that leads to this crash or the crash is not consistent?



Hi @ivan

I have been trying to reproduce it, but havent managed to as yet. When it occured I was clicking between search results, albums and adding tracks to a playlist; back and forth as I built up a new playlist.

The log immediately before the crash;

01/18 15:55:44 Warn: AddTopLevel: add_menu(6155)
01/18 15:55:44 Warn: AddTopLevel: add_menu(6155)
01/18 15:55:45 Warn: AddTopLevel: add_menu(6155)
01/18 15:55:45 Warn: AddTopLevel: dimlayer(6420)
01/18 15:55:45 Warn: AddTopLevel: capturelayer(6421)
01/18 15:55:45 Warn: AddTopLevel: capturelayer(6421)
01/18 15:55:45 Warn: AddTopLevel: popup_playlist_picker(6400)
01/18 15:55:45 Warn: AddTopLevel: popup_playlist_picker(6400)
01/18 15:55:46 Warn: AddTopLevel: win_alert_playlist(6543)
01/18 15:55:46 Warn: AddTopLevel: capturelayer(6421)
01/18 15:55:46 Warn: AddTopLevel: popup_playlist_picker(6400)
01/18 15:55:48 Debug: UI-FORCE-LAZY: mode: nowplaying
01/18 15:55:48 Debug: UI-FORCE-LAZY: mode: playlistbrowser
01/18 15:55:48 Debug: UI-FWD: mode: playlistdetails
01/18 15:55:48 Debug: GMS: saving nav stack
01/18 15:55:48 Debug: UI-NAV: playlist details / playlist: [object Sooloos_Broker_Api_Playlist_Proxy] / focus: / bookmarkdata:
01/18 15:55:48 Debug: GMS: done saving nav stack
01/18 15:55:54 Info: [stats] 6253mb Virtual, 786mb Physical, 191mb Managed, 1521 Handles, 57 Threads

I’ll keep trying to reproduce it. It has never happened before on this machine in several years of use so it may be related to a recent change? I dare say there is an updated driver but I hesitate to install it in case it muddies the water. The current driver is dated 13/11/2022.


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And yet the very nature of testing is that there are unknown bugs. If we knew all the issues there would not be a need for testing

You said yourself that they ‘shouldn’t happen maybe’, that’s pretty much all I said.

In fact I think ‘not so much’ were my exact words, when I was told to ‘expect problems [crashes]’. Then I followed that up with an agreement with your statement ‘[that they] shouldn’t be expected’.

So am I to expect, them or not? It isnt clear from your’s and Jim’s contradictory statements. Either way Im not sure why you are still here haranguing me about it?

I should have added “in an ideal world”. Certainly when shipping a beta one would hope that there are no catastrophic crashes for the customer.

But in reality, all one can do is test until one doesn’t find errors in the lab. At some point, it must be shipped and someone will find new errors including crashes.

Anyone participating in testing should not be surprised. It seems obvious to me but I’m used to testing, and IMHO the explanation of expectations on the EA help page is too optimistic