B1197 HomePod mini's not playing [RESOLVED]

System MacMini Core with Roon 2.0 1197 (early access)
Macbook Pro with Roon 2.0 1197 (early access)
iPhone with Roon 2.0 1197 (early access)
Two homepod minis operating independently

Neither homepod will play from Roon on my Macbook or my iPhone whereas they have previously played perfectly. I can still play over wifi to my phone and macbook and to my hardwired NAIM streamer.

I’ve restarted the router, the macmini core, the homepods, and roon on my mac and iphone. I can see the homepods on the wifi network and ping them and they are selectable in Roon. I don’t know if this may be related to the latest early release of Roon that I just installed yesterday or perhaps an Apple homepod firmware update.

Any advice would be welcomed !

I fixed this after I found this post with the solution (Apple TV 4K, Default Speakers Paired Homepods, Roon 1.8 - no sound out of Apple TV). Somehow (probably during an apple Home update) my Home settings changed and I had to set “Allow Speaker and TV Access” to “Same Network” and I kept the “Use Password” switch off. Both of my homepods now can be used with Roon again.