B1216 Roon clients - connected to stable (B1211) core can't see daily mixes now

as above…ios/ipados and macos roon clients to 1211 server all missing daily mix selections.

was working fine prior to updates from 1212 to 1211

Do you need to get everything on the same version?

Its worked EA to stable for the last many months… its only Daily Mixes that is broken now…everything else is working.

Without the option to install 2 client versions (EA and Stable) on each device its one or the other and I have to keep family happy with a stable core but all my clients cant be stable and all my other cores for EA testing are of course EA.

Its not a show stopper missing daily mixes while a regression is fixed tho just a heads up for folks basically.

The daily mixes are available using a Roon 2.0 Build 1216 (earlyaccess) client connected to a Roon 2.0 Build 1216 (earlyaccess) server. To my understanding it’s not supported to mix earlyaccess and production builds.

I’ve been on Alpha and EA for 6 years…I know what I am saying and doing and until the last update all was working…this is a regression. @AMP

I have no doubt you know what you’re talking about, @wizardofoz :wink:
Just stating the obvious.

The problem is that if mixing of versions is not supported, it may well work by chance at one point, even for a long time, and fail at another.

This is a known issue.

Sorry, let me rephrase that… this is related to a known issue. Thanks for flagging it!

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