B1226 one of my bluesound nodes has disappeared off RAAT

Core Rock, ethernet attached.
I have a Naim Atom on RAAT,shows fine.
2 Sonos devices show fine.
2 Bluesound devices, a 2022 Node and a 2022 Powernode.
The node continues to show under RAAT and Airplay
The powernode only shows under Airplay.

I’ve rebooted the network, ROCK core (including switching off and leaving for a while) and factory reset the Powernode twice, it still only shows under Airplay.

I’ve run out of ideas.

The Office airplay should show up in the Roon ready list.

After resetting, did you update back up to the current BluOS version?

It does that as part of its boot up. Both devices are on 3.20.45 which is their latest release.

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There seems to be a growing number of these reports on the forum now. Could be this bluos firmware update is the root cause?