B1228 - B1226 Windows Firewall abnormality [Ticket in]

The last 2 previous versions of Windows Roon early access software invoked a popup during installation to allow Roon firewall access. I have never seen this maybe except for the initial Roon install on this Windows machine, but never after that initial install. I grant access and all is good, but not sure if this a proper installation event now or not.

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This also happened to me yesterday installing the latest build, which I had to do manually as the auto upload seemed to fail (Roon wouldn’t launch).

The auto update failure is an issue already under investigation, and I guess could be connected to this in some way.

Happened with my installation also, but I just clicked the allowed button and everything was fine. Not sure if this a Roon installer issue or something with a Windows security update, but there is no additional “allow” option for roon.exe, only raatserver.exe.

Hi! We were able to recreate the issue locally and created a ticket for our dev team.

Thank you for your posts.