B1228 Roon appears to have vanished [known Windows issue]

Steiger Dynamics computer hard wired to Verizon gigabyte internet
IFI Signature Pro iDSD dac
Luxman CL 38uc preamp
(2) Rogue Dragon power amps bi amping
Von Schweikert VR5 Anniversary Series 2 Speakers
Focal subwoofer

I was just listening to music when an update notification appeared. After stopping the music I clicked on it to install the update. Roon never came back. The desktop shortcut and the shortcut at the bottom of the screen are both still there but roon is not listed in the start up list. Roon is listed in the control panel with today’s date as last time modified.

I restarted the computer - roon normally automatically boots but not now. My last backup was on 3/8.

Any help would be appreciated.


Are you on Early Access? And running a Windows Roon client? - you haven’t said…

If so, please read this thread:

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If you rightclick the desktop shortcut and then Properties at the bottom of the context menu, it will show the program file that the shortcut points to. Open your Windows File Explorer and navigate to this place. Does it look like the program files are there, in particular the one that the shortcut pointed to?

EDIT: Good point regarding earlyaccess in @Geoff_Coupe’s post

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Thank you for your assistance in getting Roon back. I had signed up for early access and the link to reinstall worked perfectly returning Roon exactly as I left it. Much appreciated!


Thanks for your help. The link in Geoff’s email worked perfectly to restore Roon.


Note that issues after earlyaccess updates should always be posted in the #early-access area.

(From the EA help page)

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