B1228 Windows - No local audio - RAAT server failing to start? [Investigating]

Upon upgrading to B1228, I first got the issue where the app wouldn’t start. I re-installed the early access installer as suggested in those threads. However, upon doing that I still don’t have any local audio devices to select, or even enable in the Audio view. I do have my Sonos speakers visible though.

I’m not completely sure if RAATServer is involved, but when launching RAATServer.exe directly, I get this error in the command line if it helps. Upon closer inspection it’s because the Roon client app was running, so maybe I just don’t need to do this:

00:00:00.000 Error: Atomic File Move: C:\Users\localuser\AppData\Local\RAATServer\Logs\RAATServer_log.txt → C:\Users\localuser\AppData\Local\RAATServer\Logs\RAATServer_log.01.txt failed on win32: 32

I’m just shooting from the hip here, but the last couple few updates in esrly access in Windows I had a popup occur to allow Roon firewall access. Just for laughs maybe check Windows firewall settings and make sure Roon is properly configured?

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Yes - that’s true - B1228 (and I think the build before) has indeed caused Windows Firewall to ask if RAATServer should be added to the access rules. Not seen that before with previous builds…

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This was the answer, thank you!

For anyone who is having the same issue, this is what I did.

  1. In Windows, search for “Windows Firewall” and select “Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security”
  2. Select “Inbound Rules” in the left panel
  3. Find “raatserver.exe” and “roon.exe” entries. If any of them have a red stop/cancel symbol next to them, double click those entries, then at the bottom change from “Block the connection” to “Allow the connection” and click OK. It should change to a green check symbol.
  4. As soon as I did this for raatserver.exe my output immediately showed up in Roon, and I can play music again!

Would be nice if there was a way for the Roon app to be able to alert/troubleshoot this on my behalf. But glad it’s something that is relatively straight forward to resolve.

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