B1254 EAP RoonServer doesn't upgrade lately


I can see that the official version available now is 2.0 (build 1259).

I’m running RoonServer on my BootCamp Mac mini and Roon as a remote on my MacBook Pro.

I have lately had problems with Roon to function correctly. One of the problems I have is that I can’t see that it is a new version available.

My RoonServer is running 2.0 (build 1254) earlyaccess and my Remote is running 2.0 (build 1257) earlyaccess. And there is no way for me to see that there are new versions available. So now I have to systems out of sync with regards to build number.

I can’t really understand where this problem comes from and would appreciate some help.
Thanks in advance!

The latest version in production is 1259 but the latest version in earlyaccess is 1257. So your control app on the MacBook Pro is running the latest version you should have.

Then it seems that the only problem is that your Roon Server on the Mac mini didn’t update from 1254. Please go to the control app > Settings > About and post a screenshot of that.

Screenshot uploaded now in the original post.

Thanks. It’s weird though :slight_smile: Is this the first time the server didn’t update or did that happen previously as well? If it’s the first time I’d personally simply update the server manually for now and see if it works the next time. If it happened before, I have no idea though.

The download link would be here: