B129 ARC Can’t see now playing

It’s not possible to see the now playing screen. I can press the icon on the top right but nothing happens.
If I try the CarPlay now playing « app » it also doesn’t work but if I use the multiple view of CarPlay ( where I see maps, music at once) then I will see the now playing with album view.

Just had the same issue today at around 18h50 on Jan 17.
Seems like starting music while still in wifi range of the house will play the first song but when the next one starts it revers to the arc home screen and I can’t access the now playing window.

Same problem, as yet unsolved. B139, iPhone X, latest iOS.

I had the same issue on my first day of using B139 plus quite a few others, making it unusable for me, that night I updated my iPhone to 16.3 and the next day all the issues were gone.

I don’t know if that helps you at all.

@phantomtides you mention that you are already on the latest version of iOS.
If you haven’t already tried it, maybe close all your apps and reboot your iPhone.

Thanks for the reply! 16.3 didn’t even show up for me until I triggered it manually. Will install now and hope for the best. Thanks again!

I had it happen again this morning around 9:50am
Latest iOS and latest ARC