B129 ARC on Android UI design - bottom toolbar hiding Android navigation bar

That’s not an really early access problem but a general one.

Most of the Android apps I’m using (including Roon Remote) leave the bottom part of the screen for standard Android “buttons”: home, back, all apps.

But ARC doesn’t:

and have it’s own “buttons” there or an offline status message.

I find it annoying to have to swipe this app up to unhide Android buttons.

Could you please change that and make it consistent with Android standards (that were adopted even in Remote)?

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It is a known issue on some phones that the navigation bar is hidden by ARC. It was fixed for some phones but some are pending, like my Fairphone 4. Though I just have to tap once somewhere in ARC to reveal it, not swipe up. Which also means that the first tap has no effect within ARC. Is your issue different?

This is the one I am talking about. Not sure if you can see that, it was in the older, restricted earlyaccess category:


A later thread about the same thing:

I don’t have access to those two threads.

And I can’t reveal Android navigation by tapping or double-tapping. Any particular location when you should tap?
Swiping up is the only workaround I found so far.

I can tap anywhere in ARC. The first tap has no effect on ARC itself, all it does is reveal the bottom navigation bar, and from then on ARC works normally. I use the gesture navigation and the swipe bar at the bottom, though, not the navigation buttons.

Maybe your issue is different after all, if you have to swipe up.

On Samsung S22 I have to swipe up from the bottom, not a great UX.

Problem still present in B129

The same situation in B130

No changes in B132

Still no progress in B150.

And no comment from Roon staff for 2+ months…

@support @Early_Access wakey wakey.

Nothing has changed in B159.

Hey @Piotr_Pekala - we’re aware of this issue but unfortunately there are some technical challenges preventing us from making a quick fix here.

It’s not something we intend to ignore forever, but I don’t have a clear timeline for when this will be resolved.

When there’s a change – either to our plans or in-app – we’ll let you know. Thanks for your patience here.

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I am facing this issue as well on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. I wanted to check if this bug is on the roadmap to fix.

Is there work planned to fix this bug?

Also there are a few threads about it, which is the right one for discussion?

3 posts up from here is the latest info

There was a change recently and I’m no longer able to access the bottom room arc icons (home, search, library, MUSE) without restarting the app. I am using Roon ARC 1.0 (256). The Android navigation icons cover them. I used to be able to click around to hide them (awkwardly, but possible). Now I do not know a way to do it without restarting the app (stopping music playback).

Hi, @michaelm, thank you for your report. Could you, please, post a screenshot of how it looks like on your device when you experience the issue? What is the device you are using?



Thank you for the reply. The device is a Galaxy S21 Ultra

Fixed in B275


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